Arc Cramer defense attorney in case

Ashton’s attorney, Aric Cramer, has said that his client was helping when he allowed Jerden and her boyfriend, Matt McNee, to stay at his home. but asked them  to move out shortly after, believing they were stealing property from his home.

While they were moving out, the situation got intense – then according to Aric Cramer, Ashton called Smith and told him he was “in fear for his life.”

Aric Cramer said when Smith arrived at his home, he gave Mr. Ashton a .357 Magnum and kept a 9 mm handgun for himself.

Tensions continued to escalate, according to Aric Cramer, until Jerden allegedly hit Ashton in the head with a toolbox. Ashton allegedly shot and killed her with the .357, then allegedly fired at Fiske, wounding him in the shoulder.


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