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Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced, Assertive & Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation

With more than 26 years experience, Aric Cramer has represented clients in tough cases including Federal Crimes, Fraud, Drug Sales & Drug Trafficking, Theft Crimes, Gun Crimes, Prescription Drug Charges, Sex Crimes, Assault Charges, and DUI Defense cases.

Aric Cramer and his team works diligently for his clients to ensure they get the justice they deserve.  They always prepare every aspect of the case as though it will go to trial, and he is prepared to do the same for you – regardless of the circumstances.  Every person deserves the best representation possible, especially in defense situations and difficult cases.


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  • phone : 435-627-1565
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Facing serious criminal charges can be terrifying. Most people aren't familiar with the justice system, and many may not know what rights they have. Aric Cramer, Attorney at Law, can help.


Being accused of a federal crime is no small matter. The federal criminal defense attorney Aric Cramer will help you avoid long trials and costly procedures.


People who have been accused of violent crimes cannot afford to take a chance with anyone less than a highly skilled attorney. Aric Cramer has the skills and experience to protect your rights


If you are being investigated or have been charged with a drug crime, it is crucial to protect your rights and interests. Aric Cramer has more than 26 years of experience to protect your rights and future.


  • Top Utah Marijuana Possession Lawyer

    Top Utah Marijuana Possession Lawyer Explains Why You Can Be Cited for Marijuana Possession Without Owning it or Even Bringing it into the State - How I Can Help..   Well as promised Aric Cramer, attorney at…

  • Sex Crimes

    There are few accusations more nerve-wracking, more gut-wrenching than charges of sexual misconduct. A third of all Utah inmates are convicted sex offenders. The state is serious about putting an end to sex crimes and…

  • DUI Charges

    The St. George DUI lawyers of Aric Cramer, Attorney at Law are prepared to take your case to trial if necessary to ensure that you keep your driving privileges and your money.

  • Violent Crimes

    People who have been accused of violent crimes cannot afford to take a chance with anyone less than a highly skilled attorney. Violent crimes are likely to result in jail time, or worse - a…

  • Theft Related Crimes

    While all theft-related crimes are serious, they completely vary in their circumstances and consequences of a charge. Many people do not realize this, but these types of crimes carry years to life sentences, and many…

  • Prescription Drug Crimes

    Prescription drug offenses carry with them penalties comparable to or even exceeding those involved with illegal drugs. Depending on the amount of the substance and other aggravating factors, you may be charged with a first-,…

  • Drug Possession

    The sentencing guidelines for possession charges in Utah are extremely severe. Along with staggering fines, jail or prison time is almost assured. Additionally, a possession charge can be elevated to a more serious charge if…

  • Drug Sales & Trafficking

    Drug sales and trafficking can vary in their consequences depending on several factors. Make no mistake, however — any conviction can seriously impact or even destroy a future.

  • Guns or Drugs in National Parks

  • Child Pornography

  • Mortgage Fraud

  • Federal Drug crimes

  • Weapons possession by a convicted felon

  • Felony possession of firearms

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5 Star Reviews

"My sister was threatened by her employer with charges of theft for not returning a computer that she was instructed to dispose of month before she left the company. She had disposed of it but had no record of the employer asking her to do so, so she felt extremely exposed. They wanted way more than the computer was worth and were essentially extorting her. Aric was able to reason with them and got them to agree in writing that they had indeed instructed her to dispose of it and did not hold her at all liable for it or anything else from the time of her employment. We highly recommend his services."

We highly recommend Aric Cramer’s services

"This was the first time in my life I've had a lawyer. But because of Mr. Cramer I was able to get my assault charge dismissed. And was able to keep my job and home. Without the help of Mr. Cramer I could of lost everything. I am proud to call him my lawyer."

I’m proud to call him my lawyer

Randall S. Cropper

"Got into a police sting where the city wanted to make an example of me. Thanks to Aric and his effort I survived the ordeal and came out in good shape. Definitely recommend Aric. Without him the city would of hung me out to dry!"

Thanks to Aric I came out in good shape

Walter Crovo

"I am extremely pleased with my experience with Mr. Aric Cramer as my attorney in my case. He went above and beyond to get all charges fully dismissed, including a second-degree felony and multiple misdemeanors. He is highly professional in his work and always responded to any questions or concerns promptly. I chose Mr. Cramer to represent me due to his positive reviews and he made me feel confident in his abilities upon our initial consultation. He and his team are amazing!"

Extremely pleased with my experience with Aric Cramer

Kristen Knell

"Best attorney I have dealt with. Got very fast results for the handling of 24 year old convictions to be reduced and expunged in a manner that many said was not possible. Excellent staff. Amazing communication. UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS! I would recommend this attorney to ANYONE who needs representation in the state of Utah!"

Unbelievable Results!

Nathan Perry


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